My dream has always been to be a writer and with this blog i intend to do that and more.
This blog is going to provide opinions on all range of issues as well as features on human interest stories and with that i hope to make this blog better and more informative as well as entertaining.


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  1. My name is Chris LaFever, I live in Huntsville, Alabama and this is my story.

    I was sitting on my patio when I noticed two men sitting in a vehicle on my property. Over the years, I have helped the police apprehend three criminals for breaking into vehicles; in both cases, they wanted me to testify in court to help them prosecute the criminals. I will help catch a thief but that is all I’m doing (I’m not much for going to court). Besides, I don’t get paid to put my family in that kind of danger. After one of the cases, an investigator told me that I helped solve a yearlong case.

    Anyway, I’ve found condoms in my parking lot along with broken stem pipes, so I’m always on the look-out to keep people like this off my property.

    Ok, so I’m looking out and I see two men sitting in a dark tinted vehicle, their heads are going up and down and they’re looking towards the back of the vehicle. I’m thinking, ok, there are two guys taking turns doing drugs or performing sexual acts on each other. I even wondered if they were preparing to do a home invasion, the frequency of which has increased dramatically in this locality within the last year or so. We have also had person(s) going around pretending to be cops and flashing fake badges (there were incidents both before and after what happened to me where the police caught a guy who was impersonating local law enforcement).

    I go outside and ask my neighbor if it was DEA, but he said he didn’t know. I told him I saw a similar vehicle but different year and model with same color the day before with lights flashing searching the neighbor’s car across the street.

    I asked him for the neighbor’s phone number across the street (I thought he might be a CI for the police and therefore he might know who they were and besides that, he knows practically everyone in the neighborhood); also, he needed to know if someone was fixing to do a home invasion.
    My neighbor took off inside and I did not see him again, I saw the neighbor across the street and yelled for him, but he took off inside as well.
    After all that, I grabbed a baseball bat holding it at the fat end as to not to be threatening but to show my stance that hey I can defend myself it if I have to. I walked out to the vehicle (the windows were dark tinted and only partially down)and as I approached the driver’s side, the man looked as though he was holding a small white hand held video recorder, like the ones they sell at Walmart. He then hid it and I asked them if I could help them. The driver side man said they were waiting on Bill.
    I said bill who, the only Bill that lives around here died two months ago, where does Bill live?
    They hesitated and that’s when I told them both, this is private property (note- they were in fact parked in front of a towing residents only sign- one of many signs denoting the fact that it was private property) and you’re going to have to leave. Right away, the driver said, this isn’t private property, you can’t tell us what to do. We argued for a good minute or so whether or not they were on private property. Then the passenger says you just need to mind your own business.
    I said ok, that’s how it’s going to be, and walked off.
    I placed my bat behind the door and called police non-emergency, I walked back outside and stood behind the vehicle as I gave them a description of the men and their vehicle and told the dispatcher that they basically told me to F off, they said they’d send someone right out to investigate. At that point, I went back inside.
    Around six or seven minutes later a cop drives by and doesn’t even slow down. This is not abnormal as the police in Baker precinct are notorious for calling negative contact when they don’t care or don’t want to bother with something.
    Several months earlier we caught a Baker precinct cop calling neg-contact on a scanner, we called dispatch and asked to speak to the officer. He said he got the wrong address, we asked him which one he went to and he gave the address in front of the address. We told him that he drove by that address as well. Basically catching him in a lie, he then told me that I need to just let him do his job.
    Not even two weeks later, they changed the frequency or codes so we could no longer listen in on their lies.
    Anyways, I called the police a second time, in frustration I hung up and told my wife I’ll take care of it myself as I just assumed the cop called in a negative contact.
    I grabbed my hand held taser stuck it in my pocket and went back outside to talk to them again (mind you I was wearing a short pair of shorts a t-shirt and sandals). They rolled down the window and I told them look this is private property you’re going to have to leave.
    They both pulled out shields (it was hard to see in a dark vehicle at night) and said they were cops and they were fixing to arrest me for inhibiting a police investigation.
    I backed up several feet saying whoa! Thought for a second and said you know what; this is still private property, you need to leave.
    That’s when the driver side man jumped out, when he did the passenger side man said, not again.
    The driver side man rushed towards me and went for my arm saying don’t resist, I said whoa, again.
    That’s when I was tackled from behind by the driver side man.
    They took me down hard into the pavement taking the skin off my legs and then the driver side man starting punching me with no reserve. I heard a loud crack as he connected with his fist to my face and kept swinging.
    I did my best to block him with my left forearm as he now swung wildly, he connected several more times, I could hear and feel the bones cracking and moving in my face.
    He became winded and stopped, that’s when the passenger side man started kicking me on the side of my head.
    Not once did they say put your hands behind your back or you’re under arrest they just seemed to have no regard other than beating me to the point where I started to question if they were indeed police officers.
    I didn’t have any more time to think, at this point I was being kicked in the head and It felt as though if I don’t act they’re going to kill me.
    My neighbor’s wife came outside and screamed.
    I reached in my pocket and grabbed my taser, I went for the driver side man first as he was in front of me holding me down while I was being kicked from the side.
    The taser didn’t work at first it just made a spark, the driver side man yells, he’s got a taser.
    That’s when I hit him with it second time, this time it worked and I literally picked him up off me as he tried to hold me down. I got him in his lower ribs.
    After I got the driver side man off me he stumbled away shaking, that’s when the passenger side man came at me to hold me down that’s when I tasered him in the ribs, he also stumbled away shaking.
    I stood up right where I had tasered them both to get them off me and to stop their deadly assault on me.
    After the driver side man composed himself he picked his gun off the ground, I guess he had dropped it when I tasered him.
    The driver side man aggressively walked up to me as he pointed his gun at my heart, as he started to pull the trigger that’s when my wife jumped in between us with my 12mth old daughter saying what are you doing.
    The driver side man then pointed the gun at my wife and said I will kill you.
    My wife didn’t budge, she yelled force continuum, they smirked, and she said her fiancé James Crump who was a cop died in the line of duty. The driver side man said I don’t care.
    The driver side man then put his gun up and pulled out an o.c. can, he started spraying me with my wife and daughter in between us.
    My 12 month old daughter was sprayed in the eyes, my wife got it but it didn’t have the same effect that it had on my daughter. My child started crying like never before so my wife whisked my daughter to a safe distance while the driver side man continued to spray me.
    The spray started to weaken so the driver side man shook it up and continued to spray until the can was empty.
    My wife started to come back to help me, that’s when the passenger side man who was standing way back pointed the gun at my wife and daughter and said, I will shoot you.
    That’s when the driver side man said, he’s not going down and at the very same moment the passenger side man said put the taser down. I knew this was it, if I didn’t put down my taser I was going to get a bullet.

    I put the taser down on the trunk of my vehicle and they both threw me against my car and then handcuffed me acting like real cops all of a sudden but that’s because the uniformed police showed up.
    The police tried to get my wife to sign a paper saying what the undercover cops said and my wife who was a correctional officer for the state of Alabama for six years said no way I’m signing anything.
    The cops in uniform told my wife they were thinking about letting me go but the undercover cops must have insisted on pressing charges.
    The undercover cops claimed I came back outside with a bat, that I was cussing them and after repeated warnings from them they confronted me and that’s when I supposedly got on top of both of them tasering them repeatedly and the driver side man managed to get up while being tased and kicked me once in the face. That all I had was a black eye, they lied about what happened and told hemsi ambulance paramedics that I didn’t need medical assistance.
    I told the ambulance driver and the cops that they broke my cheek bone (I knew they had broken something).
    They never took me to the hospital, just straight to jail. When I was in jail the undercover cops were falsifying their police reports, the driver even had the audacity to ask me if I’d been drinking. I told him it doesn’t matter what you put in that report you’re screwed, I told him my wife saw it all and that she was in law enforcement for six years here in Alabama as a correctional officer.
    I asked them so who did the punching and who did he kicking and the driver side man said while leaning towards me in a mean loud manor, I did it all.
    Since he was telling on camera I tried to get more out of him but he caught on to what I was doing.
    Day after day I told them in jail that my face hurt bad, and that I could feel the bones spreading apart in my face as I talked. One of my pupils was huge and I was in a cell with standing water.
    After four days without seeing a doctor my leg started to smell like rotting flesh, I told a nurse and she said she didn’t care.
    On that same day Internal Affairs came and got me and asked me what happened but didn’t take a written report. They kept asking me over and over, are you sure you didn’t go back outside with a baseball bat?
    My wife called every day to the jail trying to get me to the hospital, they even threatened to put her in jail if she kept calling.
    I complained so much that on the sixth day I got an x-ray in jail, I saw a doctor who barely spoke English and instead of giving me an examination all he said was I think it’s brokken, I’m sending you for an MRI.
    The next day they shackled me at the ankles so tight that I was bleeding, and two CERT officers escorted me to a medical mall for my MRI. I told them I was bleeding and that the cuffs were too tight, but the female CERT officer told me so and to get over it. The male CERT officer showed me how to tuck my pants inn between the cuffs and my skin.
    I told my wife, you have to get me out of here before something else happens.
    On day nine, my wife got me out and I went straight to the emergency room to be checked out. Two days later, I had a really bad case of cellulitis.
    The doctor told me if the cellulitis had been left untreated, I would have died in jail.
    I went back to Internal Affairs to give a written report, they said verbal was good enough. I said no, I needed to write a written account of what happened and then have it notarized. They said their notary wasn’t in and that it wouldn’t be possible. I told them well go find someone to notarize it; they asked me who told you this (to get it notarized). I told IA that my lawyer told me to do so and then all of a sudden, oh, our notary just stepped back in.
    As I wrote my report they kept pressuring me and interrupting me by saying things like, you all right, you ok, and so forth. They made me very nervous, I asked for more paper and they threw it down and said we’re leaving soon so you need to hurry up.

    I went and got a copy of my radiology consultation report and these are the findings.
    A fracture is seen involving the anterior wall of the left maxillary sinus. A fracture is also seen involving the lateral wall.
    No involvement of the ocular muscles is appreciated. A mixture of fluid and mucosal thickening of the left maxillary sinus is seen, some of this maybe due to an underlying chronic sinusitis. Certainly, fluid due to trauma is to be expected.
    1. Left orbital blowout fracture.
    2. Fractures involving the anterolateral walls of the left maxillary sinus.
    Dx 1: Cellulitis (Not Otherwise Specified)
    Dx 2: Edema, Leg
    Rx 1: Clindamycin, 300mg, 1 capsule by mouth three times a day for 10 days.

    Now remember this, in the falsified police report one of the undercover officers managed to get up while I’m supposedly on top of both police officers tasering them repeatedly and one of the officers managed to kick me once in the face while getting up from being tasered.(I call total bullshit because I was there)
    Basically, they broke my eye socket, which has left my eye hanging in its socket, and moved five teeth over on my upper left bite giving me a crooked bite.
    My daughter who was 12 months old at the time not 13months like I thought had chemical irritation to eyes, URI, Acute(not otherwise Specified) Fever(Pediatric), low-grade.
    She was treated with Erythromycin Ophthalmic Ointment 0.5%, 1cm ointment to affected eye(s) 4times a day for 7 days.
    The next day she had a Febrile Seizure.
    Now remember, in the falsified police report one of the undercover agents pulled my wife and daughter to a safe distance before spraying me.
    My daughter is now is speech therapy because ever since she was sprayed with the o.c. spray and witnessed her father being assaulted by the police she will not talk much whereas before this happened, she was just starting to talk pretty well (first words around 5 months).
    Because the police falsified their police report none of this ever happened, yet I have the medical records saying it did.
    Yet it’s because the undercover cops falsified their report that they never took me to the hospital when this happened and that’s their way of saying nothing happened.

    This story is the truth,
    Christopher LaFever

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