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KISMAYO, Somalia May 15, 2013
(Garowe Online) – Some 500

delegates the Jubaland state
formation conference in Kismayo
have elected Sheikh Ahmed
“Madobe” Mohamed Islam as the
first president of Jubaland State
of Somalia, even as Somali Prime
Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon
appointed a task force for
Jubaland, Garowe Online reports.
Local communities allocated
amongst themselves the 500
delegates to represent the
various communities and
districts of Lower Jubba, Middle
Jubba and Gedo regions that
have united to form Jubaland.
The Jubaland state formation
process has been underway
since early 2011.
Wednesday’s election at Kismayo
University campus featured
speeches by presidential
candidates, including Sheikh Ahmed
Madobe, Hilowle Aden Mohamed,
and Mohamed Nur Shambar. All
telephone net works in Kismayo
were shut down since Tuesday
The presidential candidates
addressed the 500 delegates,
pledging policy promises if
elected. The election committee
announced that Sheikh Ahmed
Madobe won in a landslide, with
480 votes , according to sources
in Kismayo.
The newly elected President of
Jubaland took the oath of office
in front of the delegates and
vowed to rule with justice and
bring peace to Jubaland regions.
Ahmed Madobe was the leader of
Kismayo’s interim administration
and led Ras Kamboni group that
took part of Kismayo’s liberation
from Al Shabaab militants in
September 2012.
Speaking at a press conference
in Garowe, Puntland President
Abdirahman Mohamed Farole
welcomed the Jubaland election,
congratulated President-elect
Ahmed Madobe, and called on
the other candidates to respect
the election results.
President Farole also
emphasized the Jubaland
formation process “in
accordance with the Somali
Provisional Federal Constitution”.
Meanwhile in Mogadishu, Somali
Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon
appointed a 16-member committee
tasked with “working on a solution
for Jubaland”, according to a
document issued Wednesday from
the Prime Minister’s office.
The 16-member committee consists
of Ministers and Parliamentarians.
Somali President Hassan Sheikh
Mohamud, elected in September
2012, has made it a government
priority to oppose Jubaland
formation and has vowed to reject
the outcome of the Jubaland
It is not clear what task the new
committee will conduct, as
Jubaland has elected a new
President and Vice President.



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