Sonko and Shebesh naked in bed could this be a photoshop?

The pictures circulating in the internet of Nairobi womens representative Rachael Shebesh and Nairobi senator Mike Mbuvi alias Sonko are causing an uproar indeed it has tainted an already destroyed image of the womens rep who is now being accused of infidelity and adultery by many kenyans the picture below shows sonko and a sleeping shebesh nude but could this picture be a photoshop? Could this be a plan by their political enemies to destroy them? Well you be the judge.



  1. Where r my good learned friends.Sonko -Shebesh can u b advised on any legal base to stop or these non sense abt ur private life.nowwhere we see any indecency in ur encounters.Please advise me on this i think people should mind their own business.we need to focus on what we can do to our kenya.Lets us focus on more healthy issues.Building a better kenya for our youth ad improving the life of kenyans.This matter should not take our daily breath.

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