I was sitting with four of my friends in a cafe as we waited for the news the channel was Citizen tv but when the clock struck 9 pm  all the men started shouting we want KTN pliz pliz change the channel to KTN and their wish was granted,but it was not for the quality of the news but rather who was presenting the news that the men wanted the change of the channel. Asking my friends what was the fuss with Linda Ogutu my friends shouted at me ”abdi ehhh are you not a man to notice how linda has got great curves hey look at her hips”, and yes i had to admit those hips are indeed extraordinary i swear i have never seen a woman like that.


     KTN have now got one news anchor who is going to attract alot of viewers to their prime time news even though the viwers will be men they could also be women who will want to see the woman who is turning the heads of their men and those jealously wishing they got those curves and stuning hips.

   Yes as a man i have to admit we are guided by nature and with those hips linda ogutu posses well let me say our eyes will be glued to our tv screen watching her doing her thing on KTN oblivious to what our women feel.

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